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Also visit the book's Contributor Index for direct links to professional photographers and restoration artists.

The Archives has restored over 1400 images from museums, professional photographers, and rare historical image collections from private and public collections worldwide.

Wonderful site by Russell Peter Granger with plenty of useful restoration, genealogy, and inspiring examples.

Well designed site with clear example of services and prices in Euros.

Fascinating site with a lot of detailed information.

British based site that specializes in digital restoration.

Professional site with plenty of examples and pricing guidelines.

Excellent Commercial Site with plenty of useful information on pricing, services, and the limitations of digital restoration.

Based in Michigan, this studio offers a variety of services including restoration, colorization, and photography.

Yahoo Restoration and Enhancement Services Directory

Lifetime Photo
Restoration & Enhancement

Retouch Pro is a website that includes a weekly downloadable challenge that anyone can download, retouch, and submit...all for fun and learning.

For an insightful visit to see the techniques and pricing scheme of a professional retoucher please visit Ron Shuller's CREATIVE IMAGES Photography.

Saving Water Damaged Photos

Master Restoration
As their website explains, "we have restored work refused by other restoration services and even museums. Our professional work is careful and perfect in every respect. We have restored photographs for many personal customers as well as historical societies, universities, and museums. Customers worldwide have entrusted us with their cherished and invaluable photographs."

In response to an increasing awareness that photographs, memorabilia, homemovies and videos and literally history itself is deteriorating right before our eyes, Preserving the Past was established.

Very interesting information on determining the age of photographic images.

A LOT of useful information and downloadable PDFs.

Useful information on scanning old prints.

Shan Canfield is a high energy Photoshop fanatic and teacher.

Fred Miranda's website is insightful and inspiring and full of very useful information.

PhotoshopCafe - the place for tips, tricks, and actions.

How to batch process with Adobe Camera RAW

The Luminous Landscape: A fantastic resource on digital photography

Deep and clearly presented information on all aspects of digital imaging

Andrew Rodney's website with a plethora of useful PDFs for you to learn from.

John Paul Caponigro: artist and author. Visit his entire site for inspiration and information. This link takes you directly to his print characterization files.

Apple ColorSync . . information not just for Macs!

Bruce Beard's Skin and Hair Color Chart as referenced in Chapter 4, p 115:


Light Impressions offers the highest quality archival supplies including photo albums, frames, mat board, slide, negative, film, and print storage, portfolios, storage boxes and bags, scrapbooking supplies, and much more for your photographs, artwork and other valuable materials.

Lighting Solutions for daylight balanced light to judge prints:

Best lights and lightbulbs to display inkjet prints with.

Keeping Your Camera Clean
When you've got a dust problem that just won't go away, it may be time to clean the camera's sensor. But delving into your camera's guts is not for the faint of heart. Luckily, Ben Long is here to hold your hand through the process.

Comprehensive site on digital camera CCD cleaning and care: