I hope you are inspired by the book Photoshop Restoration & Retouching and that you would like to share your work with other reader's. Show us how you've taken the techniques in the book and gone further with them. If you send me before and after files (please keep them small, 1 MB in total) of the retouched image I'll post them here in the Reader's Gallery.

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Landscapes • Page Two

Some of the images are rollovers - please mouse over an image to see the before and after.

Hi Katrin, The techniques you describe – are a lot of effort – but worth it!

Retouching by Esnéque

Retouching by Martina Toppi

Enhancement by Mark Rouleau

The following images are wonderful examples of converting color images to black and white and then adding subtle tone and color back into the file by Dieter Walter. Acht Bilder aus meiner neuesten Serie "American Landscapes & Saarlandische Impressionen" Mit freundlichen Grü§en aus Saarlouis Dieter WALTER

By adding the red to the small barn the image gains in interest.