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I hope you are inspired by the book Photoshop Restoration & Retouching and that you would like to share your work with other reader's. Show us how you've taken the techniques in the book and gone further with them. If you send me before and after files (please keep them small, 1 MB in total) of the retouched image I'll post them here in the Reader's Gallery.

Some of the examples are image roll-overs. Please mouse over an image to see the before and after.

Landscapes • Page 0ne
Landscapes • Page Two

I wanted to share with you a recent shoot with the Nikon D1x - 20 mm lens...saved as a 16 bit original .nef file processed in Photoshop. I added some major curves adjustment to bring up the shadows and green grass...corrected the perspective and re-cropped the image. I then color corrected it overall and intensified the sky to add that crispness. I'm quite pleased with the final outcome...having never worked with 16 bit before - you can really push the limits with all that extra data... I do miss the adjustment layers though...

Jeff also shot and corrected the image below of the tower and enhanced the interior shot seen next in this gallery.

Tom Brinkman removed the bothersome wires and cables from this very funky sign! I would have stopped to take this picture too!

Jeffrey Collins used the fill flash technique from chapter 3 to make this photo come to life. The original photo was taken east of Colorado Springs on Highway 94.