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Writing a book may seem like a solitary process...but is never is. This book would have never come into fruition without the generous sharing of Photoshop knowledge and restoration and retouching techniques by these very busy and extremely talented professionals. I sincerely thank them all for their time, help, support, and patience.

Without the support of my editor Beth Millett and the entire team at New Riders Books this book would have never seen the printing press. Thank you all very, very much.

One last note: In the book's introduction I asked readers to send me before and after examples and I mentioned that they may be used for the third edition - well this contributor list is long, talented, and international. Files from around the world grace the pages - including work from: Argentina, Canada, Denmark, Germany,Italy, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.




Photo Restoration & Retouching


 Janee Aronoff

Adobe Certified Instructor, educator and author, freelance graphic art and restoration


 Mark Beckelman


Conceptual photography and creative image compositing

Joel F. Becker

High Resolution Digital Capture for Advertising and Marketing

Carrie Beene    

Digital retouching, high-end glamour, color correction, and colorization

Rick Billings    

Rick is a pioneer in digital portraiture and business practices.

Charles Bryant    

Sports Photography

David R. Bryant    

Restoration and reotuching, nature photography

Maggiebee Burnett    

Photo Restoration, Retouching, Color to black and white conversions and hand coloring

Shan Canfield (aka Photoshop Mama)    

Digital Photography, Glamour Retouching, Digital Restoration, Digital Collage and Compositing

Dan Caylor    

Digital and Visual Effects


Rick Chastain    

Wedding and Portrait Photography

Jane Conner-zizer
Ken Crost    

Digital Photo Restoration and Digital Imaging

Rick Day NYC

Fashion, glamour, and beauty photography

Colin M Dearing

Photo Restoration and Manipulation, Military Montages

Helene DeLillo

High end glamour and fashion photography and retouching.

Douglas Dubler 3

Beauty, fashion and fine art photography

Frank Eirund    

Digital Photography

Fabrizio Fiorbianco    

Photography and Restoration

Forrest Frields

Portrait Photography

Shawn Gibson

Digital portraiture and classical portrait painting

Greg Gorman

Celebrity Portraiture, Digital Capture and Print

H and H Color Lab    

Full Service Professional Photo Lab specializing in optical and digital services, digital and traditional retouching/enhancement and finishing services

Ronald B. Hirsch    

Passionate photographer and Photoshop user


Art Johnson

Digital photography, restoration, and portrait retouching

Ellie Kennard    

Fine Art Reproduction, Digital Photographic Studio, Website Design, Restoration and Retouching

Skyy Storm McKendry

Conviction of the Heart Photography
Capturing the true beauty of my subjects

Eric Kuaimoku    

Digital photography and retouching

Jason Nadler

Digital photography, enhancement and restoration

PJ Leffingwell    

Digital Imaging and Wedding Photography

Elliot Lincis    

Editorial and Commercial Photography

Matt Matherne    

Black and White Photo Restoration

Andrew Matusik

Fashion, beauty, and celebrity photography

Sean E. Melnick    

Digital Imaging, Color Correction, and Restoration for Interactive Media and Print Projects.

Myke Ninness    

Training, Design, Retouching

Richard L. Oasen    

Portrait Photography

Patrick O'Connell

Wayne R. Palmer    

Photo Restoration - Film to Video Conversion - Photography - Videography

Herb Paynter    

Digital photo reconstruction and reproduction

Phil Pool    

Digital Portraiture and Enhancement

Teresa Setterlund    

Photo manipulation, portrait retouching, image restoration

Sal Sessa    

Wedding and Event Photography

Shangara Singh    

Graphics, Multimedia, Web design, and certified Photoshop Expert (ACE).

Eddie Tapp    

Photographer, Consultant, Educator in Digital Photography and Media

Christopher Tarantino    

High End Catalogue Color Correction and Retouching, Commercial Graphics, and Digital Consultant.

Leigh-Anne Tompkins    

Design, Multimedia, Restoration and Retouching Jacksonville, FL

Laurie Thompson    

Digital Photo Restoration, Digital Art, Photoshop Instruction, Hand-Colored B/W, and Infrared Photography.

Diane Tremblay    

Web and CD-Rom Design and Development, Video Editing, Photo Restoration and Retouching

Thomas von Liptak    

Photography, Digital Retouching, Color Correction and Motion Graphics

Lee Varis    

Photography and photo-digital illustration.

Robert Walden

Dennis Walker    

President of Camera Bits.
Software developer for digital camera software and enhancement.

John Warner    

Studio and location digital photography and QTVR.

Josh Withers

Retouching, digital art and photography.

Jung & Natalie Wi

Wedding and fashion photography

Lloyd Weller    

Instructor of Photography/Digital Photography and musician.

Lorie Zirbes    

Retouching, Restoration, Color tinting, Photocomposition