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As an instructor, I work with a student's experience in the traditional darkroom and photo studio to develop a complete digital imaging strategy to be more productive and/or creative. I speak at Photoshop World, PhotoExpo in NYC, Imaging USA, and at the Photo Marketing Associations national and international conventions. Additionally, I work on a freelance basis for private schools and companies that require an insightful instructor to work with their students and staff.

I clearly remember how intimidated I was when I had to start a computer for the first time. Almost 20 years later, I am still astounded that we can put software, images, words, and content into a plastic box - to create something completely new. In the classroom, my enthusiasm is contagious and I am an engaging, inspiring, and yes - sometimes exhausting instructor. I love this stuff and more importantly I love seeing the spark of "oh, I get it" in a student's eye as they race off with the mouse to create images never before possible.

Endangered Species
Take Back Your Body Conference
March 30-April 1
Orlando, FL
Skin Skin Skin
Digital Camera Essentials
From Many to One

June 18-19
School of Visual Arts
Lightroom for Photographers
Hands-on Weekend Workshop
June 26-July 2
From Many to One
HDR, Panoramic, & Timelapse Photography
Sept 18-23
Greg Gorman
Mendocino, CA
Creative Vision
Oct 27-29
New York City
To Be Announced


I have a strong photographic and fine-art background and am best suited to work with photographers and artists as they delve into the advanced aspects of Adobe Photoshop. Since my schedule changes so often, please e-mail me to schedule personal classes or to develop a training curriculum for your company. I work throughout the world and speak and teach in both German and English.