Dear Readers:

Although I have done my very best to avoid mistakes in writing and updating Photoshop Restoration and Retouching the gremlins of late nights, deadlines, and distractions have caused the following errors to appear in the first printing of the second edition.

To see if you have the first or second printing please turn to page 41 - if the Levels histogram is Channel: RGB, then you have the first printing and the following list addresses the errors. If the Levels histogram is Channel: Grayscale, then you have the second printing and do not need this errata list.

Thank you to all the attentive readers that have kindly pointed out these errors. I appreciate this very much. In case you find additional mistakes please let me know and I will post them here and correct them in future printings.

Corrections appear in italics.

Chapter 1:

Page 20: Figure 1.23 - The word details was mispelled and is corrected here.

Page 20: Figure 1.24 - The word details was mispelled and is corrected here.

Chapter 2
  • Page 41: Figure 2.17

  • Page 48/column 2:

Step 1. Click and hold on the Eyedropper in the toolbar and drag down to the Color Sampler tool. Add a Color Sampler to the image highlights, midtones, and shadow areas. In this case I clicked on the boy's shoulder, forehead, and the tree to monitor these tonal areas with the Info Palette.

Step 2: In this instance, I gently pulled the handle point up to lighten the skintones.

Step 3: Lower the values of the tree by pulling the handle down slightly as shown in figure 2.40.

  • Page 66/column 2/line 3-4

,they do not support layers or layer masks.

Chapter 3
  • Page 73/column 2/step 2:

Delete: "or Select > All"

Chapter 7
  • Page 191/column 1/step 2:

Delete: Use either the Lasso tool or, as I prefer, the Pen Tool.

Replace with: I used the Pen tool to select the bride and groom.

Chapter 8
  • Page 236-238

Step # 4 on page 238 needs to be #3 - there is no #4.

Delete: The first sentence of step #4 (really 3) so it starts with "I duplicated...

  • Page 252:

Incorrect reference: " a similar fashion to what was just described.."

Correct text: The softening effect was created in a similar fashion as I use to selectively soften portraits as described in chapter 9 in the "Working with Soft and Selective Focus" on page 320.

Chapter 9
  • Page 289:

The image for Patching Good Over Bad is available for download although it isn't indicated in the book.


Selective focus is listed on pp 252-255 but the correct pages are 251-255