Dear Readers:

If you own a copy of the book Photoshop Restoration and Retouching, 1st or 2nd edition you may download as many of the tutorial files as you like. If you don't own a copy, please purchase one and then comeback to download the images - so that you too can work along with the same images as I used in the book.

Most of the images in the book originated from my and my husbands own image and photography collection. In addition, numerous professional retouchers, teachers, students, and photographers have generously shared many of their images and examples - many of which are posted here. Throughout the book I did use some images from stock CD collections and I would be breaking the fine-print contract that came with the CD collections if I posted them on the web. Call me old-fashioned but I respect International and US copyright laws and the copyright of all images remains with the originator, as is noted throughout the book. Please do not e-mail the publisher or me to request images that are not posted here. I will not be able to send them to you. You really don't want me to go to jail do you?

In the cases where I didn't have permission to post specific images on the book's website, you can use similar images from your own photo albums or collections to follow along. Though you won't have the exact same image I am using in the book, the problems being corrected are so universal that I am sure you'll be able to learn the techniques by working with similar images. After all, I'm sure you'll be branching out to your own problem files sooner than later.

Dear Educators:

This book was built around the techniques that I have taught over the years to the numerous students in my digital and creative imaging classes. I hope that this book can help you teach Photoshop, and that the examples and images I have provided will help you to learn and demonstrate the concepts and techniques of retouching and restoration. As a teacher, I'm sure you know how much time and work is involved in creating exercises and preparing materials that fulfill all the needs of a classroom. I ask now that you respect my work, and that of the many other professionals whose work I've featured in this book, by not copying pages of the book, distributing any of the images from the Web site, or otherwise reproducing the information, even if paraphrased, without proper attribution and permission. Of course, if each student owns a copy of the book then they can freely download and use the images from the website and in the classroom. For information about educational sales of this book, please contact Judi Wade at Que Publishing,

Final Fine print:

All images posted here are for the sole use of the owners of the book Photoshop Restoration and Retouching, 1st and 2nd edition and may not be distributed by any means possible. Image copyright remains with the original copyright holder. Images may not be commercially printed or used in public or private lecture, classroom, or presentation environments.


Each chapter has between four to fifteen images that you can download.

Downloading Individual Files:
  1. Make a folder on your hard drive for the tutorial files.
  2. For Chapter 1-5 images just scroll down until you come to the chapter you want images from. For Chapters 6-10 click on the chapter number in the upper right hand side of the first download screen and then scroll down.
  3. IGNORE the little square images - they are just decoration!
  4. The file names correlate with the files referenced and used in the book.
  5. Depending on your platform and browser follow the directions below.

Image Archives:

After receiving numerous requests from readers with fast connections I have posted self-extracting image archives for each chapter for both Apple and PC users. Each self-extracting image archive is posted with the appropriate chapter. Please note: I have not been able to test this with an AOL account. Let me know if this solution works for you!

On Apple OS X the SEA files do not automatically unarchive. Please drag them onto the StuffIT Expander window.

In case you are having any problems unstuffing these files please visit download the FREE version of StuffIt Expander.

Copyright Notice: All images and image archives posted here are for the sole use of the owners of the book Photoshop Restoration and Retouching and may not be distributed by any means possible. Image copyright remains with the original copyright holder. Images may not be commercially printed or used in public or private lecture, classroom, or presentation environments without prior written permission from Katrin Eismann



Apple users: To download the file to your hard drive - Control click on the image link and select Download Link to Disk (Internet Explorer) or Save Link as (Netscape).


Windows users: To download the file to your hard drive - Right click on the image link and select Save Target As (Internet Explorer) or Save Link As (Netscape).

Method 1: Use a Different Browser
If you use AOL and you are experiencing trouble, your best bet is to establish an Internet connection with AOL, and then launch either Internet Explorer or Netscape. Using one of these browsers and then follow the above directions.

Method 2: Copy/Paste into Photoshop
1. Launch Photoshop and AOL.
2. Locate tutorial file and click on desired image resolution.
3. PC users please right click and select "Copy". Macintosh users please click and hold and select "Copy"
4. Back to New from File menu and click OK.
5. Edit > Paste
6. Save this new file to your hard drive.

Method 3: Modifying AOL Preferences
To save tutorial images as .JPG files, rather than .ART files, while using AOL 6.0 please change your browser preferences as described below:

1. Click on START, select Programs, select America Online, then click on America Online 6.0.
2. On the AOL tool bar, click on SETTINGS, then click on PREFERENCES.
4. Click on the WEB GRAPHICS tab, click on NEVER COMPRESS GRAPHICS, then click on the GENERAL tab.
NOTE: Selecting Never compress graphics can degrade the performance of the Web browser.
5. Click on DELETE FILES.
6. Click on OK when prompted to delete the files in the Temporary Internet Files folder.
7. Click on CLEAR HISTORY.
8. Click on OK when prompted to delete all the items in your History folder.
9. Click on OK to close the Internet Preferences window.
10. Click on the X in the upper right corner of the Preferences window to close it, then try to connect to the site again.
11. Hold down the CTRL key on the keyboard, then click on the RELOAD icon on the tool bar.
NOTE: This will reload the page from the Web site, instead of loading it from the browser cache.
If for any reason you need additional help or information and it entails immediacy, may I kindly suggest you to please contact AOL Technical Support Department by phone at 1-888-346-3704 or talk to our live One-On-One help by going to Keyword ASK THE STAFF. Both departments will guide you through a step-by-step solution to downloading problems.